Unable to Retrieve IP Address by Dialing ***1

I recently installed an new Obi300 ATA to replace my old Obi100 ATA. I struggled with it mightily to get it working with voip.ms but with some outside help from a friend I managed to get it working. We played with a number of settings in the setup wizard. Later on I just tested to see if I could retrieve my IP address by dialing ***1 and nothing. When I dial **9222222222 I do get the Obi echo test. Any idea what setting I need to look at to be able to retrieve the IP address. Thank you.

Hello MHY57,

For this particular case, I highly recommend contacting our support team at support@voip.ms or through a live chat session. We will be able to provide further assistance and solutions to this situation. Thank you.

I purchased an obi300. However, it was locked to a voip provider. Many features were disabled and what few settings I could edit would revert after the next reboot. I’m an IT professional and very tech savvy. However, I still had great difficulty unlocking it.

Mine was locked as well when I got it from Amazon. I had to contact Polycom support, which is now part of HP, to have them unlock it