Segregate internal extensions

Currently all internal extensions are with the main account. For resellers, it’s not desirable as client A can accidentally dial an extension for client B. While putting different clients in different servers can be a workaround, it’s definitely not a solution.

Please make internal extensions segregated within each reseller client’s scope.

Hello newhorizons

As we understand this might not be desirable for Reseller clients, at the moment segragating internal extensions in a way where extensions can not reach each other is not technically possible, unless as you mentioned, they are not registered under the same server

Some clients depending on the amount of reseller clients they have, opt to migrate specific users with a great number of internal extensions to their own account.

We are aware of the need for a solution to accommodate this type of scenario and it’s already in the plans to evaluate options to make this possible.

Resellers should have an option to choose extensions at main account or sub-account scope.


Here is a use case why segregation is very helpful.

Assume I plan to sell voip services to a multi-location business. Each location has the identical set up (number of phones, extension numbers, etc.), e.g.: each location has 5 extensions.

Presently, I cannot have two internal extensions with the same number. i.e.: if location A has 1011 ~ 1015, then location B has to use extension like 1021 ~ 1025. This is not ideal, as it make extension schema not uniform. Let alone that location B can dial 1011 to reach location A (if on the same server) — in most cases, two locations rarely talk to each other.

Please note no PBX is used in this use case. Thanks to rich features set, I don’t see the needs of a PBX in this use case.