Call Transfer To Other Phones Within My Office

I have (5) phones in my office and we cannot figure out how to transfer calls to other phones/extensions. I have all the phones plugged in to patch panel. Have all of them ringing on the 2 numbers for our office but cannot transfer if someone calls. I am not techy enough to get this figured out. I am more than happy to pay someone who can set these up for me. Very frustrating after 8 months of doing this. I really appreciate assistance. Panasonic KX HDV330

Hello 3o88

As each line/extension is configured with an spare sub account, each sub account can have assigned its own internal extension number, such as 101 i.e , this will work for the transfer purpose, as all the sub accounts are configured and registered within the same server, you simply would dial the internal extension number as you transfer the call into them.