Assistance Setting Up Panasonic IP Phones

I am looking to hire someone who can be maybe hands on to assist me and my admin assistant to setup our phones. We are looking for very basic setups; voicemail for someone to leave message for after hours and the option to transfer calls to different extensions from any of the 4 or 5 office locations. The VOIP.MS has been basic setup without full understanding. I have all the phones ringing and a voicemail. Phones are Panasonic KX-HDV330. I have very little to no knowledge of IP phone system. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Hello 3or88

My recommendation is to approach to the support team at and Live chat session (this can be found in the customer portal top menu), we will be glad to assist over the configuration mentioned, as it can be set from the customer portal, from creating and setting up the Voicemail, help with the call transfer and the Panasonic Phones configuration.


My suggestion it’s worth learning how to setup your voip phone system, it’ll be worth the time investment so you can be self sufficient in making changes and adding features. You are almost there it seems if you have phones ringing and have voice mail.

Next might be some conditions based on time conditions. Maybe map out what you want your phone system to do, based on time of day, which groups of phones you want to ring at certain times (Time Conditions, Ring Groups). Also in Ring Groups, you can include cellphones, land lines, and soft phones (apps) along with your IP phones.

I think the folks here can talk you through the setup.

Here’s my setup for my home office.

  1. Home number rings house phones, home office phone, my wife and my cell phones (Ring Groups)

  2. Office number rings house phone, home office phone, tablet, my cellphone but between 11PM and 7AM (Time Condition), callers get a message to leave a message or press 1 if an emergency, then the phones ring.

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For transferring calls, do you want the callers to pick the destination office (see DID Numbers > Digital Receptionist IVR) or do you want staff to be able to transfer calls. If the latter that seems to need to be a feature on the IP phone to transfer calls.

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Hi Duane,
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here