ICMP Packet Drop

Your service continues to drop ICMP packets since 9/2021. Has there been no effort to mitigate this issue? Cloudflare has been in place since that time. After all, this is a VOIP service where measurement of MOS and jitter are imperative to the service quality.

Hello Embark2540,

If you have a specific case regarding the ICMP drop packets that you would like our support team to investigate, please contact us at support@voip.ms. Alternatively, you can join us in a live chat for assistance. If this is not feasible for any reason, please feel free to provide me with your email address or account number so that our support team can contact you.


Cloudflare, iirc, only protects servers serving webpages, but won’t really protect servers on which you need a direct connection, which includes SIP servers. Presumably the servers have been configured to drop incoming ICMP packets to prevent them from processing the request (which takes CPU time, which can become noticeable if there’s too many of them per second, probably into the thousands or hundreds of thousands) and from responding back (which can take a lot of outgoing bandwidth, which is expensive on most datacenters).

That’s just my theory though, it could be incorrect and whoever is in charge may not be authorized to correct me if I’m wrong, so i don’t guarantee this is true.

Cloudflare provides some information that might be useful in this case:

I have noticed that since the move to Cloudflare with certain combinations of from/to locations there has been an increase in acoustic dropouts (with associated loss of intelligibility), and I suspect that all that filtering and evaluating of packets in transition translates into a performance hit in the case of VoIP.