Anyone having issues with eero advanced security, a Grandstream UCM6200, and Voip.MS (SIP - TLS)?

Long story short, I’ve been having an ongoing saga with eero since last September (more info at the link at DSLReports linked under “ongoing saga with eero”)

I have a Grandstream UCM6202 with a SIP trunk configured with TLS. It works pretty good over my eero units - as long as I don’t use the eero “Advanced Security” feature. As soon as I turn on one of the “Advanced Security” features, either “Ad Blocking” or “Advanced Security”, my trunk will die once the UCM reboots. It won’t re-establish until I disable both of those features in the eero until both of those features are turned off. OR I have to turn off TLS on the Voip.MS side (which I really don’t want to do either.)

Has anyone else encountered a combination such as this? I’m really curious, so figured I’d post it here.