Good cable modem to use with

I’m having all kinds of call drop issues and after some searching, I found that my cable modem is listed on a website somewhere as being bad for VOIP. (I bought one a couple years ago to replace the one that Comcast wanted me to pay every month for.)

Can someone recommend one (or several) that’s not super expensive and works well with


I don’t have a specific cable model reco, but have you checked yours for settings to disable or enable?

Especially, disable any “voip proxy” or “voip gateway” settings that you can find. Just use plain NAT and be sure to configure to know you are NAT’ing.

(I am using Bell fiber with the stock HH3000 they supply with it and I disable the voip proxy.)

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Hi guys,

Yeah, this is called SIP ALG and it always does troubles.

If you use TLS (secure sip), then you can avoid a lot of other troubles because all the traffic goes only through this secure TCP connection. So no special setting, as far as I know, with port forward, etc.

When I had a cable modem, it was working “OK”. But also experiencing call drops from time to time. It felt it was happening in a random way. Sometimes after 5 min, but very often after 15 or 20 minutes. I had to tell to people. What happens is that I would not hear them anymore but they would hear me. Strange. After 20 minutes, about. To this day I do not know why.

So this is interesting for me to hear that some modems are known to not be very good with voip. I cannot tell which one I had because I returned it to the service provider.

Since about two months I also have Bell Fiber, but I did not had the occasion to speak more than 20 minutes to know if the problem is solved.

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