How to forward all calls without caller id block

I’m trying to allow our users the option to forward all calls at will from their softphone (using Groundwire).

The problem is that blocks the forward attempt because the caller id is the originating caller’s id.

I cant seem to find a softphone that allows forwarding while sending the accounts DID number as caller id.

Any ideas?

Hello dono,

Our team will conduct an investigation to address this particular scenario regarding external call forwarding. It is important to note that the caller ID verification function is in place to prevent caller ID spoofing. When an external call is forwarded, it will operate similarly to a standard call and will be subjected to caller ID verification.

Setting up call forwarding through the customer portal bypasses the CID verification process, as the outgoing call originates from our system.

Thanks much for the reply.

My thoughts…

In the scenario where a client app (ie softphone) is forwarding a call, isn’t the softphone actually making a NEW call to the forwarding number via the DID? Then, essentially the original call and the new forwarding call are connected? If so, then it seems reasonable for the portal to override the original callerid and attribute the new call to the callerid of the DID making the forwarding call.

Taking it a bit further, it seems dangerous for an originating caller to have their call forwarded and their callerid passed on to a destination they know nothing of.

In the far extreme, an innocent caller could find their call forwarded (and callerid provided) to a destination number being monitored by law enforcement for terroristic activity or to other problematic destinations.

An additional thought, is that it should always be appropriate and allowed to forward calls to a DID in the same organization regardless of the originating callerid.

Hello dono,

Just to clarify that, when forwarding calls from the customer portal, the original caller ID is passed normally, unless a caller ID override is set on the call forwarding entry option.

In regards of the last comment, this is the actual functionality of the system: all call forwarding within the customer portal is allowed regardless of the originating caller ID.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further inquiries.