Call and SMS forwarding to

I’ll be travelling to Jamaica from Canada, and need to be able to receive a few phone calls but also SMS messages while I’m there.

I know I can (and have) set my phone to call forward to my number when I’ve visited the US from Canada (obviously with a data only eSIM on my phone)

What I’m not too sure on is the SMS side of things.

Is it possible to have an SMS come into my Canadian phone number, which would be call forwarded to my number and to be able to receive the SMS?

Thanks for any information.

Hello @sharkus,

If your phone number is not on (probably the case for a cell phone), you are limited by your provider’s capabilities. Contact your provider to know if they have a SMS forward option, or an SMS to email option. There is not much that can be done otherwise.

If your phone number is on, maybe you can install an application that does just that? If you have Android, for example:

Otherwise you can forward all SMS. Go in the Edit the desired DID and at the bottom in the SMS section, activate SMS/MMS Forward to a Phone Number. I never used that specific option, but it should work.

Kind regards,

I assume you have a phone number. In the interface, go to DID Numbers > Manage DIDs and edit the settings for your number. Way down at the bottom under "Message Service (SMS/MMS) add an email address to "SMS/MMS Forward to an Email Address. Then your SMS will forward to your email address. You can reply to the email to respond to the SMS, just don’t change the subject line, that’s what uses to respond to the correct originating phone number.

Second or alternatively, install the free SMS app for by Michael Kourlas " SMS. This gives you a dedicated SMS tool (not MMS though)

For phone calls I use the paid (one time) Acrobits voip sip softphone. Unlike other softphones, acrobits doesn’t sit waiting for a call (and burning battery), instead incoming calls to your number pass through their server and a push notification goes to your phone waking up the app to receive the call. I found no extra battery drain. It does take a few seconds more for the incoming call to traverse their server to your phone.

Otherwise again under DID Numbers > Manage DID > Voice mail, I have incoming voice mail calls (audio recording) and transcribed to text emailed to me. I respond when I can (or when I want to ).

If making calls locally in Jamaica remember to set in Sub Accounts > (sub account for your device) > Allow International Calls > Yes - International Calls enabled > pick Jamaica from the list of allowed countries to call.