Using functionality and not my vitalPBX SIP connection

I have an SMS capable DID. It sends calls via SIP to a VitalPBX. I use the free version of the vitalPBX, so I don’t have any sms capability for my extensions. I send the DID to a subaccount. Everything works fine. I do use IP authentication for my subaccount and NOT username and password.

Can I turn on SMS/MMS on the side and forward any received SMSs to that DID to an email and/or a cell phone number? I turned this configuration on, but no SMSs are being sent or received.

So, I guess I am asking if I can use service separate from my subaccount/sip/vitalpbx configuration or will that configuration impeded the SMS functionality.


Hello @kurthamm,

On side, you can turn on as many SMS forwarding options as you want. I myself forward it to email, SIP and URL. It works if I receive a SMS. (So far, the email forward is always working, but for SIP it also depends of your SIP client.)

This is the other point. If. I experienced that not all SMS go through. For example, some web services use SMS as an authentication method. Sometimes it works, other times no. But it is consistent. It either works or not. When it really does not work, I provide a cell phone number. But if it works, all the “forwards” are also working.

I never tried to forward to a cellphone, not to pay twice for each SMS :blush:. (In fact, I do not know if charges for the forward, but my guess would be yes.)

Kind regards,