SMS, Groundwire, one DID, two iOS devices, only one device sees full conversation

New to Groundwire, long time user of Let me describe the setup that works then the one that doesn’t.

Setup-Android (works). account with a DID. In the SMS settings I don’t have SMS assigned to neither the main account nor to any subaccounts (check box is empty). I’m using Michael Kourlas’s SMS app on Pixel phone and Samsung Galaxy tablet. Each device has its own subaccount on the same DID. No matter whether if I’m on my phone or tablet, I see the entirety of sms texts, incoming and outgoing. Also I see the entire conversation in the web interface.

Setup-iOS (doesn’t work entirely). The iPhone and iPad are my wife’s. She has a separate account and one DID number. On the iOS devices I’ve installed Acrobits Groundwire. Each device has its own subaccount on the one DID. If I leave the option “Link the SMS received to this DID to a SIP Account” blank then neither device can send or recieve sms. If I link the SMS to one device, say the subaccount for the iPhone then Groundwire on the iPhone sees both sides of the conversation. The other iOS device, the iPad does not see outgoing SMS from the iphone. The iPad can send out SMS and they arrive at the destination but these messages aren’t reproduced on the other iOS device, the iPhone. So I have to choose either the iPhone or the iPad to have both sides of the conversation. The other iOS device can only send out. No way I can get a setup the same as on the Android devices. I’ve been working on this for a couple of days (after resolved the SMS and Groundwire issue not sending).

Any tips appreciated. Anyone have multiple iOS devices, one DID with subaccounts, and you doing your SMS seamlessly and seeing both sides of the conversation no matter which device you happen to pick up?

Hi @Tonyv,

I have the same android setup as yours. I do not have iOS devices.

The behaviour you are seeing is normal. The “ SMS app” is using the API to query all the SMS sent and received. Using this application will make you see all the SMS sent and received from any device. This is exactly what you will see on the SMS web interface of

When you forward SMS to a SIP account, only the incoming messages will be forwarded to that account. The first device that will read the SMS from that account will have the SMS. Messages sent will only be visible from the application you used on the device used to send it. Other devices will not have the SMS. This is just like regular SMS linked to a single device/phone number.

There is no way to make it work as the “ SMS app.” One needs API access to be able to see all the SMS sent and received, whatever the DID or device used; or use the web interface at

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Thanks Alexandre,
I was wondering that, about the API. SMS works great!!! It’s brilliant.

My wife for several years had been responding to SMS by email and it works OK but the thread of a conversation gets lost in the mass of email messages, though I suppose she coud filter to see just the SMS conversation. I thought I’d be smart and move her to an app. I’ve been at this for a couple of weeks now, including my bad timing starting just when had an issue and wasn’t sending sms onto Groundwire, I thought it was me.