Help. Sending SMS with Acrobits Groundwire, iOS

Setting up Acrobits Groundwire mainly for SMS on iphone. Found 2 tips while searching and can receive incoming SMS: First, in Ground wire settings, from the keypad dialler screen > Settings (top right corner, gear icon only appears on keypad dialler screen) > accounts > exclamation mark > Advanced Settings > (scroll way down) enable SIMPLE (sip simple) > Done.

Second setting in for the sub-account associated with the iphone is under Sub-Accounts > (sub account for the iPhone > Messaging Service > "Link the SMS received to this DID to a SIP Account (link to the sub-account for the iPhone > Click here to apply changes.

So now I can receive incoming SMS. However, I can’t send text messages, I get the error in Groundwire, a claxon sound then “Messaging Error”.

Any tips? Thanks

p.s. Currently incoming SMS are forwarded to email and am responding via the email client. Just can’t initiate outgoing SMS and Groundwire’s push notification would do the job for text messages without draining the battery.

I’m experiencing the same issue currently, except I am on Android and I don’t get any error on Groundwire’s side.

I used to be able to send. The last one I sent from my DID was June 14th. I tried to do it this morning and it did not work.

I don’t even see my send attempts on my SMS history in the account webpage.
To my knowledge Acrobits Groundwire was not updated recently, so I don’t think it’s on the app’s side.

The same, I’m not seeing any outgoing SMS sent from Groundwire on the iPhone in the history in the SMS web interface. So it’s like the SMS isn’t leaving the iPhone. I tried on an iPad too, same result, can receive incoming SMS but can’t send out SMS. I have a conversation going with Acrobits support, will repost here what I learn.

I also got in contact with Acrobits support and they had me enable SIP logs in the app. It was interesting. The message does get through to ( sends a “SIP/2.0 202 Accepted” reply to the sms message from Groundwire). So it looks like it’s that does not forward the message to its destination. I’m opening a ticket with them.

Same response, Acrobits reports that the sip log shows received and accepted the outgoing SMS but isn’t passing it onto the recipient. I’ll follow up with

Acrobits support suggested testing with a different server. I won’t have the iPhone in my hands again until next week for more testing.


We greatly appreciate all the information shared in this post. We are currently conducting an investigation on our end regarding this matter and will provide an update as soon as possible with more information. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks William, have submitted a ticket to along with the siplog.txt from Groundwire.

As for Groundwire generating a claxon sound and the message “Messaging Error” when trying to send SMS from the iPhone, turns out I had LinPhone sip client installed too. Uninstalling LinPhone eliminated the claxon and error message, but outgoing SMS still do not arrive on the recipient’s device.

Tony, I tried different servers, no improvement. I guess we’ll wait for the team to do their thing and hope for the best.

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À titre d’information, j’ai également le même problème : impossible d’envoyer des SMS à partir de Groundwire. J’ai essayer avec Zoiper, ainsi qu’avec un autre appareil avec Groundwire ; toujours le même problème. Tout pointe vers un problème chez

Salut Rejean. Utilisez-vous un iPhone o Android?

Hi William. 12:23PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time. The backlog of my test SMS messages sent from Groundwire on the iPad the past few days are now arriving at the recipient’s messaging app. I don’t have the iPad or iPhone in my hands to test some more though.

My ticket got updated, they indeed corrected the problem on my end. I’m getting an avalanche of all my test SMS on my cell phone line now.

bonjour, mon appareil est un Android.

J’ai un Android. Depuis quelque temps je reçois à la queue leu leu les SMS de test que je m’étais envoyés ces dernières heures. Le problème est peut-être corrigé.

Oui, j’ai le meme, tous mes messages de test des derniers jours se sont arrivés. Je viens d’acheter Groundwire au meme temps que tien ce problem :joy:

Ironically, I just bought Groundwire a couple of days ago and struggled with the setup trying to get outgoing SMS to work when it wasn’t my Groundwire setup after all but Looks like the Groundwire + combination is going to do the job.

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You’ll like it, I bought Groundwire a month ago and so far so good (except for this SMS issue). It’s got a ton of options that I haven’t fully explored yet.

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So the iPhone and iPad are my wife’s. I have an Android phone and have had Acrobits Softphone for about a year. Last year I went on a trip to the USA and had a data only e-sim card with no associated phone number. The push notifications for calls sure saves the battery. For SMS on Android I’m using Michael Kourlas’s SMS app. I’ll buy Groundwire for Android and consolidate everything.

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I opened a ticker as well, they escalated it and for some reason my sms sending issues were resolved. is it working for you now?