Help with locked Cisco ATA191-MPP

Any info on how to unlock a Cisco ATA191-MPP? We tried Factory Reset without succes. After factory reset, password are restored to admin admin so we can do line provisining but the minute we put it back online, the ATA revert back to locked condition, and line 1 is registered back to an unknown voip provider and we can login only via cisco cisco without provisioning rights, only status infos…

Hello Loupro,

In regards of locked devices, this issue typically occurs when the device is provided by a specific carrier that locks certain configurations to facilitate plug-and-play for the end user. In this situation, the recommended course of action is to contact the supplier for assistance in resolving this matter. Thank you.

Hi William,

Thanks for the answer, my supplier is a seller on Amazon who doesn’t know much about ATA’s; so I need to find a specialist that can tell me the proper procedure to restore that ATA191 to his original unlocked configuration. It takes more than a factory reset.



I purchased a bunch of ATAs that were locked to Straight Talk. A user found that when they were reset to factory specs, the firmware would by default, access Straight Talk servers and reconfigure the device and lock it out.

The user found old firmware that was for the hardware but did not ‘phone home’ to update itself. Once we flashed the hardware with it, we were cured of the problem. We actually had to put an entry in our routing table to point to his server where the firmware was to get that first clean update, then we were done.

That ATA191 sure looks a lot like an Obi202.

If you factory reset the device and then remove the LAN connection to the Internet, do you see any item like “configuration server” or “update” items that can be disabled? I see “ALLOW AUTO CONFIGURATION” so make sure that is off. I also see some options that involve TFTP to grab configuration files like OPTION 66 and so on (And Ata 192 Analog Telephone Adapter Administration Guide For Multiplatform Firmware - Cisco ATA 191 Administration Manual [Page 30] | ManualsLib).

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your help, you put me on the right track by suggesting to check for Configuration … I found it in Voice/Provisionning under Configuration profile that was selected as YES; when you select NO and Submit, it become unlock and I can configure it to my own needs. And yes, under that Configuration Profile group of options, I found TFTP and Option 66 stuf.