Cisco SPA112 CA Provisioning

We have received numerous reports of issues with registering over TLS/5061 while using the SPA112 device. Upon conducting an investigation, we, along with assistance from other clients, have determined that this issue stems from how cache information is saved and maintained on the device for the ‘Custom CA URL’ field.

We kindly ask you to review the following information for resolution:

For certain models, the previous certificate may still be cached. Therefore, a swift resolution involves accessing the settings of the Cisco SPA 112 and deleting the data present in the ‘Custom CA URL’ field.

Following this, save the modifications and reboot the unit. This action will purge the old certificate from the cache. Subsequently, revisit the settings and input the previously used URL.

Save these changes and restart the unit again. After performing these steps, the device should acquire the correct certificate and registration should be successful.


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