Call rate announcement before call is established?

Some VoIP services in Europe that I know let the users enable a setting for call rate information after dialing, before the call is connected.

I have contacts in several countries, and there is a bewildering variety of call rates listed for some countries, such as, for example, for mobile services in Germany (the rates file for that country at has almost 120 lines of information - more than I can keep in mind when trying to make a phone call).

For that reason I have so far avoided making calls to mobile numbers in Germany, but if I could hear the per minute rates announced before calls are connected, I would not have to worry about excessive call rates and would use the phone more often…

That’s just me. Anybody else in the same boat?

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Hello amateur,

This is an excellent suggestion. I highly recommend submitting it as a feature request through the customer portal. Additionally, you can contact the support team at for further assistance. Thank you.

Hello William, as you recommend I sent in a related suggestion, and after doing that I noticed that I had sent one like it already 4 years ago… wel… maybe we’ll have better luck the second time around (grin).