Virtual DID & SIP-URI

Just joined this community! Can anyone help with how to configure IPPBX or VoIP phone for virtual DID?

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Depending on the IPPBX/Device model ill highly recommend you to check out our Wiki configuration guides:

else you can always approach to our technical support on ticket to or Live Chat which can be found on the upper menus from the customer portal

Thanks, but those don’t help us at all. More to the point is this Wiki article . Wish there was more specific help on configuring Grandstream UCM and Voip phones (e.g., Yealink) for SIP-URI.

Hello alainvoip,

Currently we have many configuration guides depending on the device / PBX you want to configure in our wiki page, please take a look at , let us know if you have any doubts.

In addition ill highly recommend you to join us in live chat session for a 1-on-1 support session to help in this regard.

You don’t register a SIP URI to a device (phone), your device registers a SIP trunk [DID] under the Main Account if you are using a PBX, or uses Sub-Account extensions if you have multiple devices (phones).

As stated in the Wiki, a SIP URI is just an address format to reach another SIP URI account or service without passing thru the PSTN so you don’t get charged termination costs.

I use both DID’s and SIP URI’s to receive calls. The VoIP phones are registered to sub-accounts and inbound SIP URI calls (to me) are formatted by the Callers device/service using the stated “sip:{yourDID}@{yourserver}” format to reach the specific server your device is registered to.