Porting from Public Mobile

Public Mobile is completely online, they have nothing resembling a bill or invoice that I can attach to a port request. There is one page that shows some account information, another that has estimated billing for the next cycle (but no account info).

What do I need to provide a signed copy of to initiate a port of the number?

Hello @sequalsoft,

I would suggest submitting a ticket to the support team. They will be able to answer you very quickly. (Then you can come back with the answer! :blush:)

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Probably resolved already (contacting an agent solves most problems), but you can see your acct # on PM website (screen capture here 05.05.2024-14.51.32 )

You can also download a payment history (not exactly an invoice), here’s what the link looks like 05.05.2024-14.56.31 and this is what the payment history looks like 05.05.2024-14.54.08

I did open a ticket and was told I could include screen shots with my port request.

I haven’t got around to it yet (I missed the rollover date).