Plus (+) sign before non-US/CAN caller ID

International users, ever noticed that if you use an international caller ID and you call another international caller ID (for example, same country international-international calls) the caller ID comes up in a non-standard format (for example, +1<two-digit country ID><local DID> instead of simply +<two-digit country ID><local DID>) and you can’t call it back as-is?
It happens to me, but when I set up my own PBX and configure said PBX to force a specific caller ID and I put a “+” before the callerID (instead of simply <two-digit country ID><local DID>) the callee can read a correct and valid international caller ID and maybe it gets a national local DID (stripped from the international prefix) as it happens to me when I do that.

Does this work for you? I used FreePBX and I couldn’t figure out how to receive calls into FreePBX but i could call to the outside and test this hypotesis. When you force the “+” sign, the Call Detail Record does show the “+” prefix as the caller ID, which is not the case if you call directly through the endpoints without an intermediate PBX to alter (or fix) the ID.

(Sorry if I’m being pushy with this topic, I want to see if this works with countries other than Mexico, which is where I’ve tested this)

Hello danielfox21bit

The Caller ID information displayed in the Call Detail Record (CDR) is the information that we transmit to the international carrier, nonetheless, this is a known situation where +1 is added to the caller ID , when not using NANPA format for the call.

Our team is already diligently working on a solution for this issue, as it has the potential to result in call failures.


This is great to know, I am looking forward for a solution. If you want me to test, I’m here, ready to do so.

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Turns out it has been fixed at least for mexico-mexico calls (mexico caller id, mexico destination) and for purchased DIDs here, but not for verified non-DID Caller IDs (which I don’t personally use, but just tested for the sake of testing), in any case, i am really thankful for this outcome.

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Hmm, now that I tried to test other things, apparently US DIDs aren’t sent with the +1 (or 1) prefix to Mexico (or other international destinations), instead of for example +13342450001 they show up as +3342450001.
I can tell it’s missing the +1 because I can make arbitrary calls to any number and with any caller ID using the Callback function, no one will answer but the mere call attempt is enough for it to send the caller ID.
If I only use the DID I own with the 10 digits alone (3342450001 for example) the caller ID on the destination is registered as +3342450001 (same as using the caller ID menu on sub-account settings, i.e. the problem is reproduced), but if I add a 1 prefix (13342450001) then it works normally and is displayed on destination as +13342450001 correctly.

I just hope it’s not entirely related (or consequence) to the fix for the previous problem up here, which had the opposite problem (+1 being appended to everything).