Additional options for callerID filtering

Currently, if you want to either explicitly permit or block calls from area codes belonging to specific NANPA countries, such as the US, Canada, or the Caribbean countries, you need to set up a large number of individual filter rules, one for each area code in question.

I think it would be useful to have the following options in the callerID filtering setup:
“CallerID matching Canadian Area Codes”
“CallerID matching USA Area Codes”
“CallerID matching Caribbean Area Codes”

(I have submitted this also via “Feature Requests and Suggestions” and am posting it here for comments.)

Hello amateur,

These are excellent suggestions. Be sure that all submissions are reviewed by the department in charge. As always, we greatly appreciate the collaboration in this manner.

Let me post some background information, to explain why rules of the kind I mentioned would be useful.

For about 8 month (after tightened the spam call rules last year) I hadn’t seen any spam calls on my home number, but since June of this year we’ve had a new crop of spam calls - all from the US (I don’t have any correspondents there and my number is unpublished, so those calls are at best unwanted and at worst spam). If those numbers are not spoofed, then there is perhaps some legal loophole in the US regarding those long messages some callers leave with offers for something to win - but legal or not, they are spam and cost my own money.

Here is a relevant excerpt from the call log (with 0000000000 in place of my own number):

2024-07-07 09:25:40 7048506281 <7048506281> 0000000000 Inbound DID 01:34 0.0090 0.0144
spam (North Carolina number)

2024-06-29 09:16:29 4433000801 <4433000801> 0000000000 Inbound DID 01:59 0.0090 0.0180
spam (Maryland number)

* note: before mid-June I had a “block all” rule and only permitted a few known numbers
* in mid-June I had removed that rule but as of today it’s back (temporarily only I hope)

2024-06-18 16:42:08 - <4352389866> 0000000000 Inbound DID 00:00 0.0090
2024-06-18 16:42:05 +14352389866 <4352389866> 0000000000 Inbound DID 00:00 0.0090
2024-06-18 16:42:01 4352389866 <4352389866> 0000000000 Inbound DID 00:00 0.0090
? (Utah number; seems to have tried to get around caller ID filtering)

2024-06-13 17:08:39 6162361994 <6162361994> 0000000000 Inbound DID 00:00 0.0090
? (Michigan number)

2024-06-12 14:47:43 6083189000 <6083189000> 0000000000 Inbound DID 00:00 0.0090
? (Wisconsin number)