MMS via Groundwire app: working at a tiny VOIP company

JVOIP, another VOIP provider, said two years ago that they’ve enabled two-way MMS via the Groundwire app:

JVOIP is a tiny company. So if they can do MMS via Groundwire, it should be a piece of cake for VOIP.MS to enable MMS via Groundwire.

Has VOIP.MS ever tried hard to make this happen?

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Hello Zeta

As we were conducting research on the implementation of this option some time ago, we observed that the majority of softphones did not support SIP MMS. Consequently, we chose not to actively pursue this avenue back then.

However, I’ll make sure to address this topic with our product team for further re-evaluation. Thank you for sharing


You can use MMS with the open source Linphone app. You just need a gateway to translate between the two. Details at GitHub - RVgo4it/mmsgate: MMSGate is a MMS message gateway between and Linphone clients..

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