Local DID Number Pool Replenishment?

How often does Voip.ms offer new/different local DID numbers? Also, how long does it take before a DID number that was dropped by someone else become available to order?


We try to replenish the stock often however there isn’t an specific ETA for this. The approximately would be 2-3 months.

Numbers that are removed or deleted from accounts would be available in stock around 30 days after it.

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Great, thanks @William

I appreciate the reply.


Hopefully, users won’t end up getting recirculated numbers that were scammer targets. That’s mainly the reason we’ve had to change ours.

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Good point @Boltronix .

Although, it does seem like any number is fair game to scammers. Our main number has received much less activity from “undesirables” in the past 12 months or so, we have another number not used very much that has been getting increased calls recently. That number is not new to us, but must be new to them (scammers).