Is rate really 0.009/min?

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I’m new in, and would like to understand well what mean the 6 seconds pulse.
I already read this:
On pricing page ( we can see $0.009/min.
And i do not remember where i see the price are charged every 6 second.
Is it mean 0.009*10 /minute?
0.009/10 changed every 6 second that make 00.009/minute?

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Back in the day, companys charged per minute rounded up to the next minute. So their pulse rate was 60 seconds.

I think I am correct with this. A 6 second pulse rate means that you are only rounded up to the next 10 seconds (6 pulses a minute is 10 sec), so if you are on the call for 1 minute 5 seconds, you would pay for 1 minute and then a tenth of that minute rate for the next pulse.

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You are correct. The one minute charge is charged in fractions of 1/10th of the per minute cost for every 6 seconds.

The days when they rounded up to the next half or full minute are thankfully in the past

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Ok thanks guys, I was scared It was those marketing strategies to charge us more.