T.38 Fax send report

I am stuck using an archaic fax machine for the occasional document. I have configured it to work in both directions reliably over T.38 to the virtual fax service. I am unable however to get a proper fax confirmation sheet as to whether the fax sent or not. My fax machine gives me a confirmation sheet that I send the fax to the virtual fax service but that does not mean that the fax was actually sent to my recipient. I require a way to know if the T.38 fax was successfully sent to the recipient by the virtual fax service. Is there any way a fax sent report can be sent by the virtual fax service back to my fax machine over T.38 so that I have the confirmation that I am required to maintain?

You can send from vitual fax to your fax machine by sending to your fax machine number

The point is, I need to keep a confirmation that my fax was sent. That is not available with T.38 fax sending today. The only fax confirmation I get is that my fax machine successfully sent the fax to the virtual fax service. There is no confirmation available that I can find anywhere that the virtual fax service successfully sent the fax to my destination. If they could configure the virtual fax service to fax back a fax confirmation sheet after it successfully sends the fax, I would have what I need.