SMS app on roadmap?

Any plan to develop an official iOS/Android app to send and receive SMS?

Hello newhorizons

At the moment there is no plan for an official app to send and receive SMS, nonetheless, you can configure the DID number SMS options to receive and send SMS through SIP , over the customer portal > DID numbers menu > Manage DIDs > Edit DID > Message Services > Link the SMS received to this DID to a SIP Account option.

I agree with newhorizons. A purpose built app for texting is needed. The work-arounds offered on the website and other places online are not reliable enough to convince clients to use and depend on the service.

Suggestions to have them text through the portal are problematic in most cases since there is often more than one user on an account.

Stable and easy to use texting - and group texting - is critical. Lost a few accounts due to this issue.

MMS is another issue - but after the SMS is sorted out.

Especially when a competitor Call* has a nice SMS app!


You may want to try out Cheogram - it is an app that lets you do MMS and group texting, among other SMS features. I don’t know if has made their service compatible with it or not. But it has the phone features you’d expect (in addition to messaging), like DTMF, etc., so you don’t need a separate app for that either.

Hello JeffPB

We understand the situation, there are no current plans at the moment for an SMS official app. In regards of group text most of our vendors do not support it, in this sense we are not able to provide this service

We are continuously exploring solutions over these since it has been recurring topics on feeback over the years, although right now, we don’t have any immediate plans that we can share.


I am using “ SMS” app for this purpose:

It is OpenSource: GitHub - michaelkourlas/voipms-sms-client: Popular Android messaging app for, a Canadian VoIP provider

Maybe could contribute somehow to it. A dedicated app is truely the best way to go forward. :blush:

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Has anyone had success using with Cheogram?

In case you intended to direct your reply to me, I haven’t been able to get working with Cheogram. But if you install the Cheogram app (from Play Store, or F-Droid if you prefer a free version) I think it has an option or two for group-text-supporting providers if that’s important to you (not sure that’s your use case, but it seems like others here would like that), since it looks like won’t be supporting that regardless, per the message above.

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Hi all,

Many customers effectively use the SMS app as suggested by @aleclerc.

Otherwise, when it comes to Cheogram @UserXY, @ossguy, we have never really heard of customers using this application. We have reached out to them to see if we can complete an interops.

Let’s see how it goes.


Circling back on this @UserXY, @ossguy. We spoke with the lead developer of Cheogram, he confirmed that could easily work with the app, but someone would need to develop an API wrapper… He did mention that he was happy to help out if there were any roadblocks, though.

I have made my life even more difficulty because I am running GrapheneOS. Any idea if push notifications with Cheogram will work? app was the only one I have found so far.

Excellent question, I have invited the folks at Cheogram to join this discussion. Let’s see if something can actually be worked out.