Company Name as fixed Outbound Caller ID Using UniFi Talk

I have deployed a UniFi Talk solution at one of my customer’s offices, comprising a total of 16 phones. Each physical ‘Phone Touch’ has been linked with a user.

Upon testing, it appears that when different users initiates outbound calls, the their first and last names pops up on the recipient’s phone screen instead of the designated Company Name. This discrepancy raises concerns regarding customer branding consistency and professional image.

Looking for advise about the steps to ensure that the recipient sees the Company Name displayed during inbound calls, irrespective of the initiating user’s account details?

Hi @taavitamtik,

This is far in my memory but we had the same issue where I was working. I do not remember exactly how I fixed it, but here are a few hints.

I think using an internal address book (or BLF, etc.) we were able to have the internal name of the users, and the Caller ID Name was set with both the company name and user name.

But I see that there is a new “Internal CallerID Name” in sub accounts. This must be fairly new. I would give this a test. (I cannot find documentation.) Maybe setting the phone’s caller ID to the company name and then setting the “Internal CallerID Name” to the actual user name would do what you are looking for? I do not know.

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I already contacted with Ubiquiti support, however, the response time and the content of the reply seems not very helpful…