Can I temporarily store an audio file and play it back?

Comrades! Good day.

I’m trying to do something tricky: I want to record an audio response from a user and play it back to him. Not save it or store it, but just play it back, then delete on user hangup.

Looking at the available IVR and other items, we don’t have any way to accomplish this. There’s the “System” actions, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

I can’t find any way to, e.g., send the audio via a webhook to a temporary storage location and then play it back.

Any ideas? I have alternate methods to accomplish this locally by just forwarding but I wanted to see if I was missing something obvious.


Our ChatGPT scripts do exactly that. Feel free to download and have a look.

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Thanks! I’ve just read you page and the tech looks fantastic; I’ll definitely try it out.

AI is almost certainly overkill for my application - among other things, it has to be fast, so I want something rigorously scripted.

But this makes me wonder if there’s a half-dozen other uses I can make of this tech. And at least one is something I will try ASAP.


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