Unable to connect from foreign countries

When I’m outside the US, I can’t connect with linphone. Under account settings->security, my “Enable Foreign IP Guard” check box is unchecked.

When I VPN through my Digital Ocean server, I’m able to connect.

(I don’t really understand the rationale behind the Foreign IP Guard feature because every hacker will have a DO server)

Hello nroets

Foreign IP guard tool is intended to prevent any foreign country IP from accessing your Customer Portal. You can receive a notification email whenever a foreign IP attempts to access your portal and choose to block or authorize this IP.

For SIP/IAX connection security you can check out IP restriction and POP restriction from the customer portal > Main menu > Account settings > Security tab.

Please check further information on these tools over https://wiki.voip.ms/article/Features


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Hi there!

I had the same problem last year and it has been a source of troubles.

:point_right:I was told by the support team to select a server that was near to my location in the other country, and it did the job.

:question:But I have a question on this topic: would using a VPN software on a smartphone solve this problem? i.e., the VPN would use a server in our usual location, and I could still make and receive calls even if I am in another country? Would that work?

Thank you very much!

Yes, my usual testing shows that a VPN allows connecting from anywhere in the world with the linphone app.

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Thank you @nroets! :+1: