Has anyone had any success using TEAMS and VOIPMS

I am looking for a way to Have my Company Teams to us Voip ms trunks i have look in Call2Teams , teammates (no longer Working ) no luck , any other suggestions ?

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I used call2team and it works well.

You may need to from time to time manually run update on call2teams backend to synchronize with Microsoft 365. This process is supposed to be automatically every a few hours but it got stuck sometime.

Another thing is you will need to keep a note on user’s assigned phone numbers. Unlike operator connect or MS calling plan, you cannot see user’s phone numbers from M365 backend.


We have a lot of clients set up with TeamMate for exactly this (including our company). We are also a Master Reseller for TeamMate so if you want to reach out, I’ll see if we can get your issue resolved.


Hi all, for anybody looking to integrate VoIP.ms and MSFT Teams, we have worked out something with our colleagues at Teammate. We are currently evaluating whether we should integrate further for a better user experience. In the meantime, our sales team can help out: sales@voip.ms.


Can you hint the price of TeamMate sip trunking (for service provider)? I currently use call2teams, may switch. call2teams, percentage-wise, is much less than TeamMate’s Azure app plan price.

Hi all, in case some of you are not registered as Beta Testers with VoIP.ms. We have launched our minimum viable integration with Microsoft Teams in Beta Testing. It works like a charm. For more information, reach out to teams@voip.ms.