Is BLF list supported on servers?

Is BLF List feature supported?

From phone vendor’s website:

A BLF List can be used to monitor multiple numbers. A user sets the numbers to be monitored or subscribed to on the PBX server or by other means. Then, the phone set automatically configures these numbers to the corresponding DSS keys. The subscriber will receive a notification when the status of any of these numbers changes. It means that a BLF List is a set of BLF subscriptions and helps users monitor multiple numbers quickly.

BLF is supported but it has to be enabled on your account by the support folks. There’s an article in the Wiki on it here:

I have been using BLF on my Grandstream GRP2612W phones, mostly successfully. It’s useful and entertaining but don’t count on it working consistently. I’d say it works about 96% of the time, at least on these Grandstream devices. Maybe it works more reliably on other vendor products; who knows?

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Yes, you need to contact support and they enable it on your account. All of your devices need to be on the same PoP server, if I remember correctly.

We use it on all my clients on Yealink phones and it works well.

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